CEO/Founder - Pooja Shukla, a Social Entrepreneur and a Driver of Purpose. She is also the Chairman of COSMOS - A Global Network of World Visionaries.

She believes strongly in Living the Best Version of Life and provides Events, Training & Development and Consultancy Services. She places great emphasis on building trusting relationships and has extensive networks globally, founded on this value.

Her business model also incorporates Social Causes and advocates strongly the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. She has also represented Singapore internationally at various conferences and is a Global key note speaker on numerous topics.

Pooja is also a trained and recognized Life Coach Strategist and incorporates Psychology concepts into her coaching and helps individuals reach greater potential driven by Purpose. With her decade of industry experience, she aims to bring Value in all her ventures.

While Pooja is dedicated to her career vision, her willingness to exchange knowledge and experience is commendable.
She has actively contributed to hundreds of charity drives and has volunteered at orphanages, elderly care centres and mental institutions globally.
She stands with people who have Passion for Change.

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Best Life Coach in Singapore - Pooja Shukla

Best in Singapore Recognition


I am an enthusiast about sharing ideas and experiences and provide keynote speaking through all platforms. Up to date I have conducted talks around-

Finding Your Purpose
Competing in New Age
Achieving UN SDGs
Future of Work
Digital Economy
Social Entrepreneurship
Corporate Social Responsibility


I provide a wide range of coaching/mentoring services on a personal and/or group level and this circles around life coaching mostly. Understanding your difficulties, finding solutions, and formulating your next step, is something I am truly passionate about. I believe in developing people and have worked with troubled youths, teenagers, women, ex-inmates, and the mentally disadvantaged.
I also provide entrepreneurship coaching, business strategies, personal and organizational branding ideas and techniques and am a connector for businesses because of the extensive networks I have had the pleasure of building throughout my years.


I am an advocate for Womens' Rights globally and have conducted several talks on many sensitive issues. I have also held charitable events for Women and Children and actively have a community involved in providing support and help to our Women and Children from all over. We provide pro-bono courses and programmes for the development of skills so as to allow them to be independent, gain financial freedom, and contribute back to society at large. Our support has even gone out to women ex-offenders and we support them by providing jobs and opportunities so that they can start their lives afresh. Our single mums and divorcees, as well as our children from abusive homes, benefit greatly and we would like to keep this up through building a communitarian spirit.

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Pooja Shukla

CEO / Founder